Chris Kok

Machine Learning Engineer at Collins Aerospace


Collins Aerospace

Machine Learning Meets Aerospace



Anime Recommendation System



Seasonal and Local Recipe Finder



Airport Navigation System for the Visually Impaired


Bot Classification

Runescape Bot Detector


GE Prediction

Runescape Grand Exchange Price Prediction


What I hope shines through all these projects is a love for applying machine learning to anything I can get my hands on; whether that means leading teams or building it myself. I thrive working on novel use cases and make sure that what I create touches the hands of real users.

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Hi, I’m Chris! I’m a Machine Learning Engineer at Collins Aerospace. I lead and write code to support million dollar commercial aerospace contracts related to AI/ML. My background in computer science, machine learning, and project management help inform my daily decisions and tasks.

  I’m passionate about creating new things with the latest technology. As you can probably tell from the projects above, I get especially excited about producing something end-to-end that people can use. I make sure that all my projects (even ones on the side) are built with industry standard tech and deployed to be used by those I’ve created them for.

  I’ve been most proud of my leadership and innovation both at work and outside of it. I’ve recently received a Collins Aerospace Excellence award for Innovation and have several patents pending. I also pride myself in creating strong and active communities surrounding AI/ML.

  I’m currently in search of more opportunities to develop creative new solutions. AI/ML is still such a new and large field. I believe the most important of problems can still be solved with the simplest of methods; as long as they’re actually shipped.

Chronic Coder

Chronic Coder is my online persona. It started as a Youtube channel showcasing projects where I applied machine learning to online games (like Runescape and Neopets). These online games are like whole other worlds and developing on such niche topics really showed me how difficult it is to apply ML to anything new.

  That said, it also taught me a whole lot about real-world applied ML; the sketchy data collection, the performance requirements, and the business use cases behind them.

The Chronic Coder Academy was created based on the value we saw from these project-based lessons. It is a fellowship that I (and some experienced friends) now run. We form groups of aspiring ML/Backend Engineers, Frontend Developers, and UX/UI Designers and lead them through building something impactful together.

  Our goal is for them to learn by building and shipping applications using the same technologies and best practices as leaders in the field. Their projects also serve as portfolio pieces to demonstrate that Fellows can successfully transition into their desired roles.