Chris Kok

Machine Learning Engineer and Incoming HCI PhD Student


Collins Aerospace

Machine Learning Meets Aerospace



Anime Recommendation System



Seasonal and Local Recipe Finder



Airport Navigation System for the Visually Impaired


Bot Classification

Runescape Bot Detector


GE Prediction

Runescape Grand Exchange Price Prediction


What I hope shines through all these projects is a love for applying machine learning to anything I can get my hands on; whether that means leading teams or building it myself. I thrive working on novel use cases and make sure that what I create touches the hands of real users.

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Hi, I’m Chris! I'm currently a Machine Learning Engineer at Collins Aerospace (Raytheon Subsidiary). I'm also an incoming PhD Student in Human-Computer Interaction with a focus on applying natural language processing and symbolic AI to educational technologies.

  Outside of work, I love eating food from a variety of cultures, reading tons of non-fiction, and getting to know new people. I enjoy talking about crime/sports documentaries, personal finance, and video/board games. I also grew up in Malaysia where my grandparents own a small fruit orchard (they grow durians!).

Propel Projects

Chronic Coder is my Youtube channel. I worked on several projects where I applied machine learning to online games (like Runescape and Neopets). People started seeing how much you could learn from applying AI/ML to these unique and challenging use cases. Hence, we started the Chronic Coder Academy to help people learn by doing similar projects!

This soon evolved into a much larger program called Propel Projects. Now, we put together multi-disciplinary teams of tech beginners to create a working prototype in 2 months. The goal is for them to learn through the application of their skills. It's always fulfilling watching students grow and learn in the process.